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Orthopaedic Therapy Protocols

Shoulder / Elbow Surgery

Clavicle ORIF
Arthroscopic Subacromial Decompression (ASAD) +/- ACJ excision
Rotator Cuff Repair
Total Shoulder Replacement
Delta/Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement
Shoulder Hemiarthroplasty
Global CAP Shoulder Resurfacing
SLAP Repair
Anterior Shoulder Stabilisation
Shoulder MUA/Capsular Release
ACJ Tightrope Fixation
Biceps Tenodesis
Total Elbow Replacement

Wrist / Hand Surgery

Dupuytren's Fasciectomy/Dermo-Fasciectomy
Mallet Injuries (Zone 1 extensor tendon injuries)
Central Slip Repairs
Central Slip Repairs with associated fractures
Zones 5-7 & Extensor Tendon Repair (single tendon)
Zones 5-7 & Extensor Tendon Repair (multiple tendons)
Controlled Active Mobilisation (CAM)
Isolated Flexor Pollicis Longus Repairs (Zones 1-4)
MCP Joint Replacements (Swansons, Ascension & Avanta)
PIP Joint Arthroplasty
Total Wrist Replacement
Darrach's Procedure

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